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provision working with rental property

About the company

Provision Property Management is a locally owned and operated company.

 We have over 20 years of experience in buying, rehabbing, stabilizing, and leasing rental properties in the Baltimore, Annapolis and DC areas. We have turned our expertise and experience to helping other investors maximize profits with their rental properties. 

property management company annapolis md

We are building new relationships with rental owners and portfolio managers. Our primary focus is rental property management and are only interested in doing what we are good at. We have experienced everything it takes to have a successful rental property and are ready to treat your home as one of ours.

Before Provision I had 20 years of experience in the local real estate market. I bought my first rental property in 2001 and have acquired, stabilized and leased 32 properties since. While growing my rental portfolio I worked as a mortgage loan officer and did most all general maintained on my properties in my spare time. In the past 6 years I have been able step away from the mortgage industry and take a full time role in acquiring rental properties while also purchasing and rehabiliting homes for sale. I have managed projects as small as paint and carpet all the way to complete demo and new construction.

Patrick Dodson

Co-founder, Provision Property Management

5 years ago friends started asking me to help them acquire rental properties and manage them after stabilization. With my relationships and process in place of dealing with my own rental properties this has been a natural progression. Today helping other owners achieve a stress free rental portfolio is a joy of mine. I pride myself on my relationships with our tenants, being quick to find a solution to their problem while being fair to the investor is the key to long stress free success.

Theo Langston

Co-founder, Provision Property Management

 Theo joined Provision with an extensive background in customer service and an ability to improve the client facing side of the business. He has ample experience in real estate and maintenance, providing the perfect compliment Provision needed to propel forward into the expansion project. 

theo langston co founder

Noah has been sharpening his property management skills for years. From helping his father, Patrick, as a kid with changing toilets, to running a crew for gut jobs and renovations on new investment acquisitions when returning home in the summer of his college years. This plus his love for and degree in Economics has positioned Noah well to help drive not only Provision to success, but also the success of our clients and tenants as well.

“I would say my core values are that of integrity, resourcefulness, and compassion. The reason I love what I do is because each day I’m presented with new challenges and I always try to apply my core values tactfully to the challenges that being a property manager presents to me.”

Noah Dodson

Co-founder & Senior VP, Provision Property Management

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