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Earn Rental Income Without Being a Landlord

Get the most out of your rental property by having every aspect of the lease being monitored. All tenant needs are met with friendly and dedicated service, while property owners can maximize their investment return. We handle every rental property in our portfolio with the utmost care and we seek long term relationships with all of our clients. 

Hiring a Property Manager

There are many reasons to hire a property manager to oversee your rental property, but most of all, it is important to have a dedicated team that has experience in the major aspects of the rental process. At Provision Property Management, we are not only able to manage everything related to your rental or investment property, but we also provide complete transparency with dedicated owner and tenant portals. Here are some of the key features which we will manage for you.

Why Property Management?

As we have seen, the median price to rent in the Maryland housing market has been increasing, while the selling price of similar homes has been decreasing. So for those looking to put their home on the market, the prospect of renting it out is becoming more attractive. However, many homeowners never consider renting their home, or they are discouraged from doing so with the assumption that it either requires more work and effort than they can provide, or the fees are too high. That is where a trusted property management company can help reduce the stress and work load required to effectively rent out a home, all for a minimal fee.

By hiring a property manager, the homeowner is able to take advantage of the increasing rental market while not having to invest massive amounts of time and effort. Provision Property management offers all of our clients the benefit of having every aspect of the rental process handled with care and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Simplified Leasing Management

Finding the right tenants is a key to a successful rental investment. We have a proven system of finding and placing tenants, and provide ongoing management to make sure the rental property maintains tenants long term and minimal vacancy periods. Once a tenant is selected and qualified, we outline their responsibilities to the home and the lease arrangement. The ramifications of the lease agreement are also explicitly communicated to ensure there is no confusion as to what will happen should they fail to fulfill their end of the contract. In return, we give them a direct line to our team for any questions or concerns that arise during the rental period. We treat each and every occupant with respect and dignity, and seek long term relationships that result in consistent lease terms and timely payments. 

Qualified Resident Placement

The rental properties we manage are filled with only the most qualified applicants who satisfy our credit, income and assets standards.

Tenant Management

We act as the main point of contact for every tenant, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere while your tenant's needs are being addressed promptly.

Legal Action

Swift decisions and experience are necessary when taking legal action. We handle all court related filings including evictions, garnishments, and judgements.

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Financials and Accounting

The financial side of renting can be a difficult process to manage effectively without dedicated attention. Collecting rent is only one side of the accounting system needed to turn a profit on a rental property. There is also a need to have high bookkeeping standards for taxes and income assessments, as well as keeping the utilities up to date. Even a slight oversight in any financial aspect can cause disastrous circumstances for a property owner. Provision Property Management is proud to have avoided countless issues like this with organized processes that are designed to streamline the renting process for both tenant and owner.

rental property owners can have peace of mind when relying on Provision Property Management

Owner Statement Processing

We offer online payment and statement portal for all tenants and owners, making it easy to track money owed and keep tenants on a timely payment schedule.

Mortgage and Utilities

You pay the mortgage and we assist tenants with both transferring and maintaining utilities, trash and water.

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent each month is a top priority. We make it simple for tenants to get the money to us easily and efficiently.

What Is Your Rental Property Potential?

Building Inspections and Maintenance Calls

With every rental property comes an occasional issue with regard to plumbing, electrical or structural integrity. We make these headaches disappear by responding promptly to each repair order. You have a single point of contact throughout the process, and the tenant never has to worry about a long wait. Tenant needs are paramount when seeking a fruitful relationship. Having a dedicated service crew available 24 hours a day has proven to be one of the most beneficial aspects to our business – as is evident from our reviews. In addition to having our central location, we are able to perform regular inspections to avoid larger scale issues with the building and/or the city codes.

Repairs By Licensed Professionals

We only use a licensed pro in the event a repair for the rental is needed. This assures the highest quality work and liability issues that may arise with a general repairman.

Resident Customer Service

Our residents can rely on us to answer a call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. We will either schedule a convenient time to visit or we will use emergency repair services to get to a major issue right away.

Housing Code Violations

If your property ever fails an inspection or violates a building code, we will make all of the necessary repairs and/or treatments.

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Get a Free Rental Property Analysis

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Our Service Area

Provision Property Management covers all of Anne Arundel, PG, Howard counties including the following locations:

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