Quick Fixes: Replacing Toilet Seat Covers

Want to save money? Who doesn’t? Doing simple home repairs yourself can save a lot of money. For the next few blogs, we are going to spotlight a few. Hold onto your seat! Replacing or tightening toilet seats is first up this series. I know toilets = gross, but in this particular case you can save at least $100 by doing this repair yourself. On average, a toilet seat costs between $47.00 and $67.00, tack on the labor involved in fixing the seat, and you are looking to pay between $102 to $165 for a handyman to complete this repair. This cost seems like a lot considering this repair only takes 15 minutes of your time once you have the toilet seat (which you can order from amazon). Steps to Replace a Toilet Seat:

1. Purchase the seat

a. Measure the toilet seat to see what type of toilet you have (Round/Standard or Elongated).
toilet seat
b. Click here to purchase from Amazon, or here to order from Home Depot, or drive to your favorite hardware store to find a seat you like.

2. Gather the supplies you need:

a. Screwdriver: either flat head: flathead screw driver or Phillips head: phillips head screwdriver b. Pliers: pliers c. Disinfecting wipes

3. Watch this 4-minute video


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