As a local property management company, we are dedicated to offering the most competitive fees in the area. We are seeking to grow our portfolio of clients and offering strong incentives to all property owners and investors to start a long term relationship.

FREE Lease Renewal

If a tenant decides to stay beyond the lease (and most do) you pay nothing and we continue to manage the tenant the same as before.

FREE 24/7 Maintenance

When a tenant has a repair needed at the property, we are there to help anytime rain or shine, day or night. All at no additional cost to you or the renter.

FREE Contractor Management

For larger projects (under $1000), we will also coordinate and manage the contractors so the job is done properly and on time.

Low Monthly Rate

We charge a flat 8% of the monthly rent amount. In many cases, our properties fetch a higher rent price which can cover our fee!

Lease Takeover

We charge a flat $150 to take over currently leased properties and onboard current tenants into our system.

New Lease

Upon the start of a new lease contract, we charge the amount of the 1st month's rent. No hidden fees, no surcharges.

No Rent = No Fee

If the property is vacant we will not collect any fees until a qualified tenant and new lease have been established.

FREE Court Filings

If a lease contract needs to be settled in court, we will not only file the required documents, but also appear on behalf of the property at no charge.

No Fees While Vacant

While the rental property is without occupants, we will not only not charge a monthly fee, but we will also list the property and qualify all of the applicants.

Eviction Management

Evictions must be done in a very specific way to comply with the law. We will bring and manage all of the people needed for the task and charge you nothing.

Local Tradesman

We have long standing relationships with local tradesman that charge us based on volume, assuring us the lowest rates in the industry.

Multiple Unit Discounts

We incentivize investors with more than one property to keep their business with us. Therefore, the more properties we manage for you, the lower the fees.

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Our Annapolis Office Service Area

Our Annapolis office covers Anne Arundel county and surrounding areas.


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